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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> announcer: now, from washington's leading news station, this is news4 at 11:00. right now at 11:00, a man jumps from a third floor window as flames race through his apartment building.
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>> bedbugs discovered inside student housing on a local college campus. plus, more trouble in the excise for american air lies. why they're warning about more kans claigs laigss. first to politics. mitt romney and paul ryan capitalized on new momentum tonigh they did that in front of a crowd of 10,000 people in sh shenandoah county. >>. >> reporter: complete with big finish fireworks, this romney/ryan rally was more like a victory campaign. most political observers say romney won the debate. >> last night was an important night for the country because people got the -- >> reporter: romney then offered his own debate analysis of sorts. >> i got the chance to ask the
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president questions that people across the country have wanted to ask him, such as, why is it that he pushed obamacare at a time when we had 23 million people out of work? >> reporter: running mate paul ryan also turned attention to the debate. >> last night america got to see the man i know, a leader. >> reporter: this post-debate rally was staged in a reliably red part of virginia. the event was delayed because so many people were still trying to drive in. early in the evening, the nra officially endorsed the romney/ryan ticket passing out orange hats. and trace adkins warmed up the crowd, but it was still the romney debate performance that had voters energized. >> he took the debate by the get-go. this is one of the most vibrant campaign rallies since he started i think. >> a lot of people felt like they didn't really know what he was about, and i think he gave
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us a real clear picture. >> mitt romney naiks two more stops in virginia, tomorrow and monday. in fishersville, virginia, julie carrie, news4. >> president obama is back in washington tonight preparing for another campaign rally tomorrow morning at george mason university after what many called a lackluster debate performance last night. the president was back in front of a crowd today and wasted no time going after his rival. >> the man on stage last night, he does not want to be held accountable for the real mitt romney's decisions and what he's been saying for the last year. >> just want to make sure i got this state. he'll get rid of regulations on wall street but he'll crack down on sesame street. >> michelle obama will speak to voters at the loudoun county fairgrounds next tuesday. a man is in serious condition tonight after he jumped from a burning three-story building in
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northwest d.c. the fire broke out inside an apartment complex around 6:00. it left part of the building scorched on the outside. we're told the victim jumped before the firefighters got there. crews rescued three others who were trapped inside. those three are also in the hospital. they're expected to be okay. now to an unwelcome sight at the university of maryland, bedbugs making a return to some campus apartments. students say they're covered in bites, they're forced to live out of plastic backs. sa mary stone joins us with more on the pesky problem. >> reporter: the students we talked to told me they are totally grossed out. they wake up in the morning, look at their arms, their calf muscles, they see their bites, then look in their beds and see bedbugs in their sheets. >> it's unfortunate. it's a real pain. >> reporter: david tesla shows you the itchy welts on his body, bedbugs like the one shown in our file video bit him and invaded some apartments in his building at university of
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maryland. >> i saw one today. it was kind of gross. freaks me out a little bit. there's nothing we can do. >> reporter: tessler and hundreds of students live in commons building number seven. the building will is owned by a private company. the students were told about the bedbugs and asked to report any problems. the maintenance staff and pest control experts will inspect. >> it's terrifying. >> kind of creepy, hoping i don't get bedbugs from a visitor. >> reporter: students tell me it's been a problem in the past, cap stone management did check before semester. >> we have to live out of garbage bags an get bitten every night. >> reporter: good luck to you, david tessler. the e-mail statement doesn't say exactly how many students have bedbug bites but it does say they travel through clothing, pillowcases and furniture and
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the best way to get rid of them is keep a clutter-free room. live on the university of maryland's campus, news4. people whoa live in a condo apartment are complaining about raccoons, a lot of them. one fed-up homeowner at the arlington on walter reed drive sent us these photos. she says the animals are no longer afraid of humans because someone there is feeding them. they've csed property damage and they're even limiting residents' movements at night. >> you can't use the outdoors. we have a pet, we can't let him out. and you cannot even have a barbecue. you can't do anything outside. once it gets dark, you just have to stay in. >> neighbors claim the raccoon population started to grow two years ago. they're hoping someone can trap and move them out of there. there are new warnings tonight about a deadly outbreak of meningitis. local health officials are contacting thousands of patients who received steroid injections
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for severe back pain. they were treated at medical centers that received contaminated shots. those shots came from a fafphary in massachusetts. five patients have died including one in virginia and one in maryland. it is a rare type of meningitis that is not contagious. maryland has released the names of the clinic that received the drugs. to see the click icks, go to, search the key word "men giantsingitis"men american airlines has canceled more sfliets as it continues to fix seats that could pop loose in mid-air. they came loose on three recent flights on airplanes that had been recently refurbished. 50 flights were canceled today, 44 tomorrow. american airlines says things should be back to normal by saturday. also tonight there are reports of another seat-related problem. according to our sister station in miami, a flight from philadelphia to miami was
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delayed because a pilot had to replace a spring that was missing in his seat. american officials confirm that a maintenance issue dlelayed tht flight. there was a prayer victim to honor the victims and survivors of the beltway sniper attacks ten years ago. ♪ the lord is my light family and community members stood together at the ceremony at the goshen united methodist church in gaithersburg. at the vigil, children thanked everyone for their support, their father was killed on the second day of the attacks when he was pumping gas. >> people would just come up to us and send us condolences and help with the church, co-workers, friends, family, strangers. and that's how strong our community is. >> the victims rights foundation helped host the vigil. the group sayses it has raised $500,000 for the ten victims and three survivors of the sniper atakzs. tonight, the public schools
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in fairfax county join police in getting the word out about a missing 17-year-old boy. brian glen was last seen monday after dropping his brother off at w.t. woodson high. surveillance video showed him going inside a nearby dunkin' donuts shop. the police have searched his car and police call the circumstances of glen's disappearance unusual. his family says it's not like him to rub away. police hope this sketch will help them find the man behind sexual suit assaults in fairfax county. all but one of the victims were teenaged girls. the most recent case was tuesday night on hibling avenue, a 15-year-old says a man grabbed her from behind and groped her. tonight there are new rules for the secret service. "the washington post" obtained the agency's latest written
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policies. for the first time ever, agents have to sign nondisclosure agreements, also no drinking is allowed within ten hours of reporting for duty. secret service agents lost their jobs for allegedly partying with prostitutes in colombia last april. they were there ahead of president obama's visit to that country. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a scaffolding to collapse today in downtown d.c. that accident left a construction worker dangling in the air outside the department of commerce building on pennsylvania avenue. firefighters say he was tied to safety lines. he was not injured. rescuers used a ladder truck to get him down. up next, a family of six forced to jump from their burning home and into the arms of strangers. no, you're not at the airport. you're at the mall. this is the new way of trying on clothes. i'm erica gonzalez. i'll have this story coming up on news4 at 11. the lincoln memorial reflecting pool once again closed after it had just had a
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multimillion-dollar makeover. it's been comfortable out for sure, the temperature out 73 degrees here. but chicago, illinois, 54 degrees right now. so when does this arrive here? the answer when news4 at 11 rush returns. ♪ ♪
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some incredible video here, a security camera captures the
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moment a family of six leaped from an apartment to escape a fire in newark, new jersey. teenager joaquin martin jumped from the third floor story and asked passersby to help save her family. one by one her three younger siblings jumped, too, and her mother. good samaritans helped break their fall. >> i'm going to jump. i want to help my family. >> just want to say i want to thank everyone that was there who helped catch my children. >> the family had been burning candles because she the had just moved. they didn't have electricity yet. joaquina broke her toes when she jumped. everyone else is just fine. the reflecting pool once again has been drained. crews are trying to get rid of a problem with algae in the pool. dozens of workers scrubbed the bottom of the pool today in an effort to remove all the green slime. the national mall just underwent a $34 million renovation.
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draining and cleaning the pool cost another $100,000. the national park service says the water filtration system is to blame for the growth of the algae there. the pool is expected to reopen in just a few days. if you use the dupont circle metro station, you've had to contend with a lot of broken escalators. but that shouldn't be a problem for too long. metro plans to reopen that station's second entrance by the end of the month. the south entrance has been closed for the past eight months while crews work to replace all three escalators. the escalators at dupont circle station have been among the least reliable in the entire system. finding the perfect fit. tonight a new tool helps take the guesswork out of shopping for clothes it's a body scanner like the ones you see at the airport and it's all done right out in public. erika gonzalez went to the fair oaks mall to put the new technology to the test. >> reporter: you're shopping for clothes, try something on, it
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doesn't fit, and you leave disappointed. >> i didn't really want to know my size. >> reporter: consider this, a virtual fitting room. and me the guinea pig. meality is a body scanner the first in our area, radio frequency waves tell you what size you are at each store in the mall. feet apart, arms by your side and in about a minute sensors go to work. >> as a woman, my biggest apprehension is having a man stand here and him seeing my measurementses. but that doesn't happen. they get a printout and only this bar code has your measurements on it. so nobody else sees it, sees anything. >> reporter: what are you in the market for? there's even a list of style trends. >> it's about the fit, not the size, because there is no sizing standard. >> reporter: you hear that, ladies? it's about the fit, not the size. >> absolutely. >> reporter: men have to find clothes, too. is that pretty much your normal
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fit? >> yeah. 32. >> reporter: because of her small frame, dorothy debead has the hardest time finding clothes. >> i've been walking around this mall for two hours to find pants for work. >> reporter: not anymore. >> now just go right to them and get what i need. >> reporter: alas, a fitting room without the mirrors or bright lights. in fairfax,ka gonzalez, news4. >> veronica wants to know if you can use it to shop online. don't even go to the mall. >> exactly. stand in front of the computer, scan me. go ahead. >> sounds like a plan to me. we're looking for a little bit of sunshine around here. >> we need some shorts. >> exactly. we need a break around here. just all week long we've had more clouds really than sunshine. we're going to get that tomorrow, but it's not going to last very long. we had rain showers of course this morning but we didn't have this. take a look, snow out of northeastern north dakota. this is around the sbushz of
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fargo up there. all part of the same weather system that's coming this way. the kids having fun making the little snowmen. on average, they received up there about 3 to 12 inches of snow. yes, they had travel troubles this morning and even some power outages. for us, we're going to see that not cold but at least chilly air move this way. current temperature right now, we're at 73 degrees. the wind starting to settle a little more. it's a dry wind really, at 6 miles per hour. so we talked about the temperatures earlier, now 73 here, 62 pittsburgh, 54 in chicago, illinois, and 49 in omaha. it's way up here in the northern plains in the midwest we're going to keep track of this cold, chilly air as it makes its way down to the south. it will take a dive and start driving eastward on sunday. so that's when it's going to arrive here. throughout the whole mid-atlantic area for spots in virginia, northern north
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carolina, up north into pennsylvania. on sunday, not sunday afternoon but sunday morning, we're going to be starting out with temperatures early sunday monk in the mid-40ss to around 50 degrees. at the bus stop tomorrow morning, it will be cooler than it has been, 56 to 62, so back to jacket weather. but at least it's going to be dry. then we're going to see sunshine, sunrise tomorrow at 7:08. so we're going to watch that front, keep an eye on it. tomorrow high pressure and tomorrow it's sunshine. friday is looking like a gorgeous day from beginning to end and then saturday we're going to get some clouds and some showers coming through our area. some scattered showers, most during the afternoon but can't rule out morning showers either. then on sunday, sunday we've got the chilly air and the showers around the area. so sunday is not looking like a very pretty or comfortable day at all. it's going to be more like late fall around here. 52 to 60 to start your day tomorrow, we're mostly clear and
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cool. then tomorrow afternoon some warmth, some sunshine. perfect weather, right, to round out the week? 76 on saturday, feeling like fall, sunday, 59, more like mid-november around here. and again some wet weather and then we continue with this cool pattern all through next week. so we haven't really had the trend of sweater weather every day, but it looks like it's coming up next week. >> incentive to make the most out of the warm weather tomorrow. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks. a special tribute for the queen of salsa, the national museum of american history unveiled a portrait of celia cruz, but you don't see her in the picture. a collage of things that represent cruz were put together. weingarten usually asks his subjects of a list of ten things that represent him, but celia cruz died in 2003 so the museum allowed the public to answer the question through a blog. still to come, the nats are pretty much a young baseball team, but there
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. so finally, after a whole lot of baseball will gamegames the postseason. >> that's right. we're packing and waiting and watching. the best team in baseball has to go on the road to start the playoffs. the nats will face the winner of the cardinals/braves game at their place on sunday. the d.c. area has been waiting for this since nae1933 so what'
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few more days. it gives edwin jackson and jayson werth, the only two who have won the game, to prep the guys on what to expect. >> you have to be mentally ready to withstand what we're about to see. i mean, this hostile environments wherever we go on the road and definitely different from regular season, even though you have to kind of treat it as if it's the same. >> winning is not easy. winning the whole thing is tough. it takes a lot. so we're in good position. we've come this far, and, you know, we're here. we've got a chance. >> two on the road, the nats first home game will be on wednesday. the birds are hoping to take that oriole magic on the road. o's know where they're going, to texas, for a wildcard showdown with the rangers. first pitch 8:30 tomorrow night. alfred morris and the redskins are hosting the falcons on sunday. skins come in with the league's top-ranked rushing attack. rg3 is getting headlines for his runs but it's morris, the other
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rookie, on pace for 1500 yards this season. the sixth rounder may be the surprise find of the draft, but mike shanahan knew he was special from the get-go. >> you could see right away that he had a natural feel, he could make people miss. i liked the way he practices every day because he comes out there with the mindset that he's going to give everything he's got. if it's in the running game, in pass protection, picking up his responsibility. he's really a unique kid, really down to earth. i think he's got a big-time future. well, the maryland basketball team has a bright future but it's without the harrison twins. a couple of highly sought-after basketball recruits who very unwisely picked kentucky today over the interpret terps. wizards continue their training camps, one standout, randy crawford. he has been praised for his play in camp as well as his off-season work. crawford was the wizards' third
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leading scorer last year with almost 15 per game with a lot of new faces on the team it's now a chance for the third year player to emerge as a laeder. with john wall out, crawford plans on becoming the biggest scoring threat on the team. >> i kind of got the natural ability to lead, you know, in the locker room, people kind of look up to me and gravitate to me. you know, i'm excited to be kind of like a veteran to the team. when it's time to score, i score. i mean, that's how it should be, you know. the past two years we probably had like a total of eight players hurt since i've been here. you go into the arena with eight players, who is going to shoot? >> looks like it's going to be crawford. >> somebody's got to do it. >> so humble. >> he is. be ready. they open the preseason on sunday. >>
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one more check on the weather? >> yes. for most people, nothing better than a friday, how about nice weather on a friday? >> perfect! >> works! >> and then the weather turns for the weekend so we're talking about a little rain for saturday, just a few showers coming through. we'll drop from 83 tomorrow to
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76 on saturday, then way, way down for sunday, the high just 59. but that's rain with 59 so get ready. >> oh, yuck. >> thanks. >> find something to do inside. a panda cub at the san diego zoo got a clean bill of health today. it's 9 weeks old now, got a checkup from veterinarians. >> oh, so cute! >> he has fully opened his eyes and ears and now he's able to make some noise. the cub was born in july. it's weighing a bit over 6 pounds now. still spending time with mom, but it can be seen on the zoo's panda cam, keeping the chinese tradition, they'll announce his name 100 days after birth. >> adorable. >> ador[ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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